About Us

ICV is an end to end matching solution for tech companies and skilled candidates.

Our Vision

We envision a future where it is possible to hire or be hired almost immediately, with zero barriers.

On behalf of all of job search, we hereby officially declare job search mobile, fast and fun! You know, a lot of times people look at me and think “wow, what a silly squirrel!”.

I’m not sure why I brought that up, and I appreciate that you are still here reading this.

But seriously, at ICV we are always thinking about all of those small things that make job search better. Rain or shine, bear market or bull market, by the powers vested in us we pronounce us your one-stop-shop that you can count on for making job search on your phone really fun and helpful.

Our Story

ICV was founded in 2015 by Ron Starinsky, Guy Binder, Ohad Peres and Ran Weiss. Ron and Guy had a long track record of working as officers in various units within the IDF together, while in another part of the IDF Ran and Ohad worked together in the well known elite tech unit 8200. Someone from Ran’s unit knew Ron’s mom, who not only birthed our CEO but in way made it possible for this all to happen. Before they knew it they all clicked over a shared passion for changing the face of hiring and started working on the ICVapp.